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I'm browsing around the blog for the first time and have to say I agree with the tenor of most of what you say, especially about the economy. I have to say though that I can't see the ECHR finding for the women in question - I'd be willing to bet it won't.

I'm not religious but I'm not pro-choice as it were and I wonder how many people there are like me in the country. I've thought long and hard about it, but I think "views" (or almost non-views) like mine don't come into the debate and that there's a definite line that anyone who isn't among the faithful doesn't object to abortion. I understand that I'm on shaky enough ground when it comes to zygotes and cells and all the rest, but I have to say that the phrase "an Irish solution to an Irish problem" isn't necessarily pejorative.

If the irish people do not wish abortions to be performed here, for whatever reasons, I'm not sure the service should be available, and I'm also far from sure that abortion involves a privacy issue. Note, I mean the civil rights notion of privacy involved in the use of contraception and freedom of sexual choice, rather than the notion that people don't have the right to have information about them kept private.

If views like these are commonplace, I don't think Ivana Bacik is the person to change people's minds.

SPUC can **** my **** by the way.

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