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Nadia Aramancam

I wonder if what you have read recently must coincide with "what I've read recently", and as to whether the second-hand bookshop wants to earn a few bob by way of advertising. I am interested to know if the expression scholar-practitioner is recent/yours as it certainly hits the middle (if not centre) of the (never quite fenceless) ground traditionally poled by the terms 'academic' and 'intellectual' somewhat deflating my old defining adage to corner university apple-lickers(possibly inspired by, and in this order, Chris Murray and Walter Benjamin): An academic is an intellectual with a mortgage.
Finally, and just for the sake of amiable work in progress towards the re(de)fining discourses of political thought, surely the issue of how
social cohesion and solidarity coexist with individualism, cultural diversity, fragmentation and globalization has been challenging us since, at the very least, the American war of Independence, Rousseau and the industrial revolution- not that I find the terms 'solidarity' and 'globalisation' entirely specious within the context of professional argot.

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