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I've only found your site recently, directed here by Slugger O'Toole, and it's wonderful: thank you for your writing.

Something I don't understand about the childcare debate: surely anything that subsidises the cost of childcare is simply going to end up raising the market price of childcare by the same amount. DIrect provision seems to be the only way of doing the job to me, but I'm probably missing something along the way.


Thanks for the compliment.

I agree that tax breaks probably would drive up the price of childcare. Regulation and price controls may seem to be the answer but how would this work in practice? The more that I look into this topic, the more I'm convinced that there has to be a mix of policies including direct provision as you suggest. If employers regard female participation in the workforce as being so important, then they'll presumably see the wisdom of such a policy!Most crucially, extended paid parental leave has got to be central to childcare policy. There's got to be choice for parents and opportunities to go into and out of the labour market at various stages throughout life.

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