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Red Rover

In a paradoxical fashion I agree with the broad sweep of the post, yet ive wondered whether Paisely's genus as an Ulsterman first and foremost made him more disposed of than others to contemplate power. Of course it suits him and SF to have some sense of being victim, and instability will always yield that.
Yet looking at Paisely as of a different breed to UUP types wishing they were in the tory party, he is a peculiarly ulster man. In politics, is his desire to govern his homeland or be a stopper. Your article argues articulately for the latter yet for some reason i cannot shake the former from my mind.
Whether such an impulse is enough to get the Assembly up and running is an altogether tougher question and your idea of partition as indoctrianted in both sides is an interesting take. I doubt Paiselys will to power supercedes that powerful division and resentment.


Firstly good blog in general - well written, researched and measured. well done.

in relation to the post I have recently being thinking that perhaps we are all looking at this upside down. from Dublin, London and even Belfast and Bnagor we have tut tuted at the antics of the DUP with two fingers crossed behind our backs hoping for the grim reaper to collect paisley the elder asap. Our thinking, that without him unionism will be free to compromise and make politics work.....but then i thought that we percieve the "poor" leadership of unionism to be a weakness - when in actually fact their very irrationality and unreasonableness is their strengh. their extremism is what ensure the status quo as it beds down direct rule and at the same time guarantees that the south will want nothing to do with them.

politically i think they are playing a blinder - their only danger is that the British and Irish govts go above their heads and implement joint authority - a couple of bombs in dublin would quickly put an end to that.

just finished the freaknomics book - it was great.

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