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Where is the wealth being generated?

Personal debt. And the laundering of money through this jurisdiction by the multinationals.

Frank Neary


do we need manufacturing and traded services? That depends on who's asking.

The exchequer needs a broad tax base.

The regions need a range of employment and enterprise oppportunities that meet the aspirations of their populations.

Competitiveness and efficiency in a global market mean that there is constant pressure to move up the value chain and also to increase prosperity.

While an imbalance of payments may be able to be absorbed by the single currency in the short to medium term, it would seem irrational to believe that we do not need to earn income from visible and invisible exports.

Frank Neary


... and apart from the GB oriented economic ideologies of FG and Labour, we all want Ireland to be a viable economy which means diversified with specialist niches. The high earning foreign sector generates wealth which filters or trickles down through the wider economy.

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