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I know how you feel with regard to wishing you could invest more time in the scope of your blog. One of the problems in the Irish blogosphere (hate the term) at the moment, as I see it, is that in order to maintain a site with prime content which will accrue a decent number of hits and feedback one has to employed in the arts/media like those at (who I admire and envy), or a student like those at

I would consider myself well read in terms of Irish Literature and History yet one of the issues I face is the absolute frustration with what I have done for a career Vs the degree I have(ie where my interests lie). I am hoping that blogging will provide an outlet for me and much needed practice in skills which I have lost due to longterm exposure to Irish corporate idiocy. I am new to this blogging and hope to achieve 100 posts.
I enjoyed yours!



As a regular reader, congratulations on your first century of posts.

Wishing you well in the future and happy blogging.



Well done, Gerry. It's been interesting to see your blog gradually appear on more and more blog's sidebar. It's nice to see that someone who doesn't engage in the banter that is the comment boxes of many Irish blogs has been able to gain such respect solely through your posts' quality. Keep up the good work.


Congrats This blogs is near the always top of my list of blogs to drop by and read.
and hopefully I will be able to read it when it comes around to your 1000th post.

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