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You're taking Richard too seriously. All arguments that are premised on the existance of a "silent" majority are generally without basis in reality. I mean, you could substitute "no evidence for the existence of" for "silent" as a qualifier without changing the meaning.

Furthermore claiming the existance of "a political elite that pretends that right of centre voters don't count" really, really ignores reality. We live in a country where every single political party agrees that tax rates on profits should be a fraction of tax rates on wages.


Eventually, by the 1990s even Fianna Fáil ministers were able to steer legislation like decriminalising homosexuality through the Oireachtas without any difficulty.

I find it quite highly amusing that Richard can claim to bemoan the liberal/progressive agenda of recent years. As anyone who knows him is aware, an undoubtedly important part of his own life has been decriminalised by this political movement, so he really should know better.


It's a strange one alright. Apart from - as Badman pointed out - the silent majority being the refuge of unpopular people everywhere, I would have thought that Ireland did have small government, low taxation and conservative moral policies.

The reason Irish people wouldn't vote for a hypothetical conservative party has more to do with the clientalism that accompanies their conservatism. In other words, they prefer the old favourites to anyone new.

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