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how the public sector subsidises the private sector by providing it with an educated, healthy workforce and by picking up the costs which economists coldly label "externalities". Just because the public sector teachs people does not mean they should be in airlines.
Thing I have against social partnership is that is is un-democratic. People who are elected by a few dictate to all.

I agree on Matt cooper though poorly argued columns. I remember reading his column on Nuclear energy and it was so full o mistakes that i never read him again


It's hilarious how the Left worldview is so often willing to accuse churches and religion in general of having an anti-democratic influence on politics, but it doesn't mind the influence of trade unions one little bit. Of course, it wants trade unions to have even more influence over government policy. How absurd. Socialism and the more traditional types of religion have embarrassingly more in common than they are willing to admit.

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