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Luke Mc

There may not be anything dividing the Rainbow and FF/PD in terms of fundamentals now, but my preferred Rainbow of FG/Lab/GP would have a seriously different agenda to the current administration. Providing public service in the best way possible vs the ideology of privatisation, Serious action on climate change & the environment vs Head in the sands free marketeering, and a real attempt to tackle the developer/landowner/politician
axis being three obvious areas that spring to mind. Bring on the election!


There is a clear and simple response to Bertie's spin - Labour will reconsider the position when they have a party leader who is not wedded to the corrupt, whether in the past through links to Haughey or in the present to their builder friends such as the Bailey's. The worst response is nothing, which leaves the matter open. However, we must await the final figures. However a scattered electorate with say 10 seats each for the Greens & the Provos leaves it all too open. But the musings of Ahern's should be openly challanged.

Seamus Ryan

Gerry, It seems to me that Bertie's appeal to Labour Party members should be taken with a grain of salt. I have no doubt that when Sinn Fein sign up for policing in the North that he will then keep the door slightly ajar for Sinn Fein also. At the end of the day it is the members of the Labour Party that will decide what position the party will take, if that situation arises.

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