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Actually, I'm thinking something fairly similar has happened here. In 1992 the election was held in late November. The first assembly of TDs was on Jan 5th 93 and the Taoiseach wasn't elected until the 12th. IIRC wasn't the delay in part over FG accepting DL as a member of government, which they eventually refused to do. Granted the Christmas break intervened so in some respects it didn't seem as long, but it still dragged on for the best part of six weeks. I think though your point is very valid. There does seem to be some ambiguity, perhaps the Constitution didn't want to seem to add any extra dynamic to the opinion of the electorate, i.e. by forcing parties to coalesce in coalitions?


Jim Duffy, who has an obsessive interest in what monarchs and presidents get up to, dealt with this in Saturday's Irish Times. I think the framers of the 1922 constitution had a Westminster -centred view of politics and probably never even considered coalitions.

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