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Damn you! I had a carefully crafted post on just this topic all ready to roll last week but other issues kept if off the site. Of course for all Hitchens energy one big problem in his analysis came through. Whether artifice or not the Conservatives under Cameron now hold a ten point lead over Labour. Now, that will no doubt change as and when Brown (who I agree, is a much more formidable and considered figure than his opponents give him credit) takes charge. But...reinvented or not, so far so good. Actually what was most striking I thought was how Cameron's set almost seemed to be in it [politics] as a wheeze or lark.

Anyhow Hitchens neo-populist approach is unlovely and unlovable.


Just to clarify the "Damn You!" was meant in jest...


As a result, Hitchens believes our political system is being degraded and the very foundations of our democratic system are under threat.



In the broad sense of the term 'our' I presume... :)


"based on policy rather than spin" ???I note the date you wrote this.

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