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Very sorry to hear that Gerry about your Mother.


Sorry for your loss.

I guess the question many seem to be asking is why did people vote ff not why did people not vote Labour etc?


People voted FF because they wanted more of the same, I guess, and they did not perceive others as addressing their issues. I suspect that much of this is down to people hoping that the economy keeps afloat and that they will have enough income to buy the provisions and services they need like health insurance, chilcare, private education. And FF were better trusted to do this.


very sorry to hear that Gerry.


Sorry for your loss, Gerry.


Hi Gerry, very sorry to hear about your loss. It puts the blather about FF in perspective.

Seamus Ryan

Gerry, very sorry to hear about your mother. It really does put all of this into perspective.

As regards the election I believe we put too much emphasis on electoral strategies and not enough on organisation and policies. The electorate saw no difference between us and FG and why would they. We were being marketed as one. Our party spokespersons were launching joint policy documents and appearing at joint press conferences. So as far as the electorate were concerned we were not offering anything different.


Very sorry to hear about the death of your mother.

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