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It's great to see you back, Gerry. Look forward to your 'common sense' posts - the Left needs it now more than ever. Labour's rush to government will probably be unstoppable. Even Eamon Gilmore, in his speech before the SIPTU Executive, said his priority was to return Labour to Government after the next election. The Sunday Tribune, shortly after the last election, comforted Labour by stating that even if it lost seats in 2012, the Dail arithmetic would probably mean it could enter coalition. One doesn't have to be a die-hard anti-coalitionist to be uneasy at these, ultimately lazy, approaches to party-building. There is another way to 'ameliorate the worst effects of what the other side (is)contemplating' - it's called politics, winning the argument, gaining more support, creating new alliances (and not just in the Dail) and generally to be seen leading the Opposition with a new agenda. That, however, requires a lot of work and thought. Hopefully, there are those on the Left willing to take these tasks on.


Great to have you back again.


I was going through my old bookmarks cleaning up. Thought I check iepolitics to see if it might have sprung back to live ... and yehoo, it has. good stuff.


What is the purpose of listing books you claim to have read? It couldn't be with the aim of making you appear more authoritative, could it?


What is the purpose of being snarky, Alterkocker... either you'll like his writing or you won't.

Gerry, more please...


I'd guess that the Green's are focused on green policies. Planning (future not past), carbon control and such. FF are toxic in a recession of their own creation. So I imagine that heads down and getting their agenda into legislation is all they can do. This way they can jump on any band wagon that gets elected next time, just like they did this time.



Nice to see you back .
green might as well enjoy there period in government as it will be labour that will be in with either Fianna Fáil's or finn Geal's.

Irelands political system

2 years later and how far the greens shunned the role of watchdog is amazing

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